Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a primitive and traditional wood finish?

The main difference is that a primitive finish uses three colors (main, accent, base) instead of a traditional finishes two colors (main, accent). A primitive finish is also crackled and hand rubbed to look more worn and aged then a traditional finish.

What do I need to know when ordering a Chandelier?

1. Choose the color of the fixture -  Primitive style lights use 3 colors - ( main color, accent color, base color )

Traditional style lights use 1 or 2 colors - ( main color, accent color)

2. Choose the finish - ( rust, aged, dark aged, black aged, flat black )

3. Choose the bobeche style - ( crinkle, plain, pie crust-{additional charge may apply})

4. Choose the number of arms for the fixture

What do I need to know when ordering a Lantern?

1. Is the Lantern going in the interior or exterior of your home?

2. Choose the finish - ( old penny, vedrigris, black, dark aged )

3. Do you need a bracket for the lantern? - See below for bracket options

4. Choose the style glass - ( clear glass, seeded glass, wavy glass )

What do I need to Know when ordering a Sconce?

1. Choose the finish - ( rust, aged, dark aged, aged black, flat black)

2. Do you want the Sconce to be clectrified or candle only

What is included with your Chandeliers for mounting?

Each fixture comes with approximately 4 feet of wire and 3 feet of chain along with a ceiling canopy assembly.  If you need additional wire added to your light please let us know when ordering, they are both available at an additional charge. We also offer hollow hooks to use instead of chain at an additional charge.  The hollow hooks allow you to hide the wires on your chandelier and to hang the light from instead of the chain(pictured below). To find out the correct way to measure for hanging a chandelier please see below. *Tip - Standard height for hanging a chandelier is 37-39" above your table.


Return Policy:

Because our products are custom made for each order, returns are accepted for store credit only.  If you need to return a product please call us at 1-888-541-9226.  If you need to return a product and don't want store credit you will be responsible for all shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee will apply.  When shipping back a return please make sure to package the product properly and insure it for the appropriate value.

How are your lights shipped?

All of our orders are shipped through UPS or USPS.  Shipping costs are to be prepaid by the custome at the time of ordering.  Because most of our products are built to order shipping times will vary.  If you need something more quickly we can always check our stock to see what is similar to the light(s) you need.

Will changing the amount of arms on a light change the price?

Yes, the number of arms will change the pricing.  The price difference will depend on the model, but almost all of our fixtures can have the number of arms changed when ordering.

Are lights available in candle only instead of electric versions?

Absolutely.  All of our lights and sconces can be purchased in candle versions instead of electrified versions.

I'm looking for a custom light, can you help?

Yes.  We do offer custom light and fixture building.  If you are looking to have a light built or designed especially for you, please let us know.  We are constantly working on custom lighting projects for customers and are capable of building a variety of custom lighting fixtures.

Bobeche Styles

Plain Bobeche                               Crinkle Bobeche                              Pie Crust Bobeche




Paint Color Charts

Pictured below are the Old Village Paint colors that we use for painting our wooden chandeliers.  If you need a color that is not on the chart below please let us know.  Custom paint colors are also available at an additional charge.



Lantern Brackets



How to measure for hanging a Chandelier?



In an average room, most chandeliers can be suspended by a hook or chain no longer than three feet. For this reason we supply up to three feet of chain free of charge. In case of hooks we make hooks available in the following lengths: 7", 12", 16", 18", 21" and 24". If you are not sure how long your hook should be, supply us with your ceiling height and we will calculate the correct length. If an extra tall ceiling requires the use of a hook longer than 40", we recommend spanning that distance with a double hook(two shorter hooks wired together). In rare cases, a triple hook is necessary. For the cost of double and triple hooks or chains longer than two feet, call for pricing.


The concern most often expressed when selecting the proper chandelier is size. A general rule is do not be afraid of a fixture being too large for a room, particularly the chandeliers in this catalog, because all have an open airy design. More often than not, too small is the problem. The proper size should be related to the size of the room and the size of the table over which it is to hang. In average size dining rooms(@ 12ft X 12ft), we suggest using chandeliers in the range of 20"-24" in diameter. in larger rooms (14 X 14 or more), we recommend chandeliers of at least 25"-30" in diameter. At this point you may also begin to consider the double teired fixtures, depending upon the desired effect.




How low should it be? the bobeche, or drip pans, at the end of the candle, should be 37"-39" above the table. We suggest 37". this places the bulbs at about eye level as you enter the room. In residential homes where walkthrough traffic is intended, plan for a minimum height of 78" of clearance. Remember a ceiling canopy extends downward 2 1/2" but a fixture can be hooked directly into it if necessary for maximum clearance. You may also request a flat canopy, gaining another inch of clearance.

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